The Ultimate TwoDots Strategy Guide

TwoDots takes players on an online adventure with two thematic characters, Jacques and Amelia, who travel from level to level with you accumulating rewards for every win. You navigate through a complex fantasy world increasing in difficulty across 85 levels.

Two Dots, constantly bringing new challenges into play, is anything but mindless.

Hidden in-game clues and thoughtfully crafted sound and visual design make this game a lot of fun to play for everyone.

TwoDots is available for download now in the Apple App Store and will launch on Android Playstore later this year.

 The game of 2014

two dots guide iOSTwo Dots is one of the ultimate top games in the App Store at the moment (2014) and is the sequel to Dots which received over 20 million downloads in 2013. It is climbing the rankings in a lot of countries all over the world. At the moment it is the best free game!

The original Dots had just one level that you’d play over and over again in order to beat your high score. The goal was to connect as many dots within a minute and try to beat your high score.

If you play the game for the first time, it feels a bit like Candy Crush Saga in that you have to complete a certain number of objectives in a set number of moves.

Two Dots is a lot of fun for those who have never played and those who are familiar with the original.


Amelia and Jacques

Two Dots has one main way to score, to clear a determined number of specific colored dots in a certain amount of moves. Moving up a ladder of levels you work your way to more difficult levels and have to play your moves wisely. Each level has different obstacles to run through.

Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get gridlocked.

Game Play

In the first world of Two Dots, all seems familiar when you’ve played Dots. Squares are the best thing after sliced bread. There are blockades, and oddly shaped boards, but all is as it should be. The second world is a bit different then you’re used to.

twodots oceanThe mission of the second world in this game is to sink anchors which drop down into the board of colored dots. In order to do this successfully in the required amount of moves, you have to learn a pretty difficult new skill, which is to “create a bomb.”

How do you create a bomb? Create a square of same-colored dots around a different colored dot and swipe them.

This creates a bomb, which takes out random dots nearby, Minesweeper-style.

Are you looking for more tips playing Two Dots like a pro?

Two Dots tips and tricks

  • Draw a square with the dots;

square two dotsDrawing a square clears out all the dots of the same color, so when you can, find four dots of the same color and connect them. This will greatly improve your score without making it too hard to complete the puzzle.

Even if you don’t need anymore of a specific color: if you find a square – clear it! If you keep clearing the squares you’ll set yourself up for a great combo with a color you actually need.

And that’s how squares beget squares, rewarding your success with further momentum. This dynamic underlies pretty much all other elements of any Two Dots strategy: You want a heavily concentrated board with a few colors, and even distributions of colors are the enemy.

Pro tip: Don’t make rectangles on the board. You can actually eliminate all dots of a color by drawing any kind of polygon, which also gets rid of any dots contained within it, but don’t be tempted. Unless a rectangle presents itself naturally, it’s not worth your time trying to form one, however satisfying they may be. You’ll just waste time that could be devoted to finding and drawing more squares.

Seriously, it’s all about squares

Two Dots is all about making squares and every move you make should be in the service of making squares. Sure, when you’re first playing, it’s fun, even useful, to connect dots in a haphazard manner. But once you’re aiming for a high score, it has to be all about the squares.

That means it’s not effective to draw an 8-dot string just because it’s sitting there for the taking. You’re probably diluting the board and ruining a good opportunity, since adjacent dots of the same color are useful for making squares. Likewise, 3-dot elbow combinations are always tempting, but watch out—you may be better off turning it into a square.

Squares are easy enough to spot, but you also need to keep an eye out for several near-square formations, illustrated below from left to right: the puppy, the step ladder, and the hamburger. Each is just a simple move away from becoming a square.

  • Start Clearing Dots from the Bottom

Clearing from the bottom first, allows new dots to fall on top and more chances to set up a great combo with squares. This also makes the board change a lot more than if you took from the top, shuffling it.

If things are not looking good, it might be worthwhile to force a reshuffle to give yourself a better look at the dots. You might lose a couple of important moves but in the long run it’s actually better than starting the thing over and losing a life.

  • Play Until the End

It is better to play until the end of every level in Two Dots, especially if you can complete it. If your goal is to get three stars or the perfect score, complete the match and consider it practice for the real thing. There’s no sense in losing hearts for quitting a game too soon.

Screenshots Two Dots