25 new levels

Finally there are new levels in Two Dots. Are you so addicted to the game as I am? Then the waiting for new levels after 135 must be forever!

This time there are 25 levels in the new beyond world! You can download the new game from the Itunes app store; download


by the way, the game will be released for Android this november as the developers hope.


  1. SO happy to see new levels released … but now SO frustrated! Stuck on Level 214. Even with power-ups, I’ve not been successful in getting all anchors (my best was 9 of 12). Is there ANY way to get past this one?

    • Me too. Looking for some help. Even when I have removed all the blocks, there are not enough anchors falling to complete the assignment.

  2. Retiredslp says:

    Also stuck for days on 214. Any chance they will redo/update it?

  3. Me too! Is it even possible?

  4. Thefrenchfryexpert says:

    Stuck for days on the same level (214), I have already used all power ups available… Watched a few videos on YouTube and it seems like it’s just luck! The closest I got was 11/12 and I wasn’t even close to getting the last anchor down!! Sometimes I need to use 2 or 3 moved before I get the next anchor!! So frustrating!!!!!

  5. Pleased to say that I FINALLY got all the anchors. The trick, I think, is the simple “just make squares” rule of thumb. Ignore where anchors are, ignore everything else. Just manipulate the dots so that you make lots and lots of squares and rest just takes care of itself. Side note: I probably played this level 65-80 times before I was successful. Now on Level 242 am am stuck again!

  6. How do i get past level 235,apps just says new adventure coming soon

  7. I am stuck on level 322, and it the most frustrating thing ever!! I play this game literally every day, and I’m pretty sure I have spent more than thirty dollars on power-ups and the game it self!! I am so addicted to the game……

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