Level 82 Rebalanced

Level 82 is a really hard level to completen and a lot of people given up after try 50+. Since the game designers have made a new level for 82 lots of people complain about the difficulty. The objectives in this level is to break 12 ice blocks in 45 moves Work both the top […]

Level 135

Congratulations! You have made it to Two Dots level 135, a great achievement! So how do we beat this level so we can continue this game? Let’s see whar our mission is for this level. Sink 9 anchors and break 5 blocks in 30 moves This actually very hard to accomplish as it means you […]

Level 33

Since the patch in Two Dots, level 33 has been changed. The new goal to beat level 33 is; sink 9 anchors in 31 moves With over 30 moves you should think that this level isnt that hard… However, a lot of people are struggling with this level since the rebalanced version. You start with […]

Level 72 Rebalanced

I have heard that the new level 72 is even harder to bean then it used to be. What is your goal for the new level 72? Drop 7 anchors in 25 moves Sinking 7 anchors in only 25 moves means that you have to sink an anchor every 3 moves. The rapidly spreading fire […]

Level 108 Rebalanced

When you have made it to level 108 in Two Dots then you ‘re true Dots master. The old level 108 was pretty hard where you had to drop 3 anchors in 41 moves. The objective in version 2 of Two Dots is: Sink 5 anchors in 23 moves There is no fire in this […]

Level 64 rebalanced

Level 64 has been on of the most difficult levels in Two Dots. With the new patch the developers have tweaked level 64 and made some changes to make it a bit easier. However, this level is still hard to beat. The new goal for this level is to sink 7 anchors in only 30 […]

Level 102

This must be one of the hardest levels in Two Dots, level 102! read on to get some serious and helpful tips to complete this level without cheating or using hacks. The objective of this level is to clear 61 purple, 61 red, 61 green, 61 yellow in 30 moves Level 102 will always start […]

Level 107

Stuck at level 107 for a while? Read these tips to beat this hard level in Two Dots. What is our focus for level 107? clear 71 purple, 71 blue, 71 red, 71 green, and 71 yellow in 45 moves Get the blocks on the sides very early in the game or you won’t have […]

Level 108

Are you sick and tired of level 108 in Two Dots? Learn how to master this level easily! The objective of level 108 is to drop 3 anchors in 41 moves The problem in this level are the fire dots. Try to get rid of them as fast as possible. When you connect 2 dots […]

Level 84

Do you need some help with level 84? How do you beat this hard level in the game Two Dots? The objective of level 84 is to drop 4 anchors in 60 moves Connect at least two dots next to the fire dots to remove them. Try to make every match touching some of the […]