Two Dots Daily Quests

The iPhone game of TwoDots has daily quest where you can play more games. The rumours said that there will be new levels soon after level 135 and that Two Dots will be released for Android so even more gamers can play this fantastic game.

Level changes – rebalanced v11.0

The developers of the game have made a major change to some of the hardest levels in Two Dots. They have been listening to their dedicated fans. This their post on their blog; Rebalanced Levels Dont worry, its not you, its us. We’ve been listening to our dedicated TwoDots players who have told us that […]

New levels after 85

Have you mastered the fist 85 levels in Two Dots and ready for some more adventure? Well good news for you! There are 85 levels to start, and we’re making more worlds. One is a week or two away from being released. We’re going to focus on design and animations. There’ll be new postcards that […]

TwoDots Level 64 and Level 65

Have you made your way through the Red Forest but are you stuck on level 64? I have added a walkthrough for this level and as a bonus I have added a guide for level 65. You will find out how to beat this level without using a hack or a cheat. Connect the dots […]