So what is TwoDots all about?

Two Dots is the sequel to the game hit Dots (2013)!

TwoDots brings in a level progression aspect, in a similar manner to the famous Candy Crush Saga, as well as loads of new challenges, but the gameplay will be familiar to fans of the original; connect the dots!

In order to play TwoDots, you’re going to need hearts, which is basically an “energy” system. One life is used until you fail a level, and lives will replenish every 20 minutes. You can buy more hearts through in-game purchase. Sometimes, you will also encounter levels where you cannot get past without power-ups, or you may want them to make things a bit easier. You can get extra moves or bombs as a freebie in the beginning of the game but also through in-app purchase as well.

twodots on iOS

While the game does have leaderboards, it is only done through Facebook Connect. If you link up your Facebook account, you’ll be able to see other friends who are also playing TwoDots, and you can compare your scores on each level.

The scoring system

Each level in TwoDots has a potential 3 stars possible. Except for bragging the stars are worth nothing.  The stars are based on scores that are specific to the level itself; some levels award 3 stars at 100 points, some need a much higher score, like 300 points.  Points are awarded by collecting dots, dropping anchors, breaking ice, and dousing fires.

  • Every dot you collect or a fire-dot you put out is worth 1 point.
  • Dropping an anchor off the board is worth 10 points.
  • Breaking a block of ice is worth 10 points.
  • Leftover moves at the end of the level are worth 5 points apiece.
  • Your first 5 leftover moves will be added to the board as bombs at the end.  These bombs award their base 5 points, plus the points for whatever dots they explode.  Any moves past 5 will be added to your score directly.  (So, if you had 12 moves leftover, you would get 5 bombs and then 35 additional points for the other 7 moves.)

Currently, there are 85 levels in TwoDots for you to connect your way through. However, given the energy system, as well as how difficult some levels may be, it will definitely take some time to get through them all.

Betaworks One is already promising even more adventurous levels in the future, though, so at least there is more to look forward to.

The game also gives you “postcards” when you reach a new section on the map, which are basically cute images that you can save or share with others to brag about your progress in TwoDots.

ICE and Fire dots

As you progress through the levels in this game, you will notice some new dots.

Ice blocks are broken once they have had a dot removed from them three times: this includes dots removed via squares without actually touching the ice block.

Fire-dots are removed by dropping non-fire blocks on top of them.  If you make a move without dousing a fire-dot, the fire will spread and consume a nearby dot (like chocolate in Candy Crush).

If you remove all fire dots from the board, the fire is extinguished and will never return, no matter how many moves you make.

Finally, note that fire and ice dots do not shuffle—if you run out of moves and the board is shuffled, fire-dots and ice blocks will remain in the same spaces, although the colored dots underneath ice blocks will shuffle.

Characters Jacques and Amelia


Amelia and Jacques

Here they are, the heroes of Two Dots name Jacques and Amelia. These dots will guide you through the world of dots by connecting each dot!

Adventures on Ice mountain, The Ocean, the Indians, The WildWest, The Beach and many more!


Screenshots ingame TwoDots

Read on for some tips and tricks for TwoDots!

play twodotsLike most other games of this type, you have up to five lives. Whenever you lose a stage, you lose one of those lives, but every 20 minutes one life will regenerate.

Skip this regeneration period by going to the date and time settings on your phone and setting the time ahead for 20 minutes for every life you want to regenerate.

Set the time ahead 100 minutes (or an hour and 40) for a full restoration.

Best part is, you can do this as many times as you want without having to set the time ahead by crazy numbers. Once you do the time lapse trick, go to TwoDots and verify that your lives have been restored. Then go to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal. Go back to TwoDots and your lives will still be there.

Your main method of play is to connect dots of the same color that are horizontal or vertical from each other. To remove all of one color on the screen, make a square with at least 4 dots. If you make a square with other dots inside, those other dots will become bombs and will blow up the surrounding dots.

The way to get the highest possible score is to finish with a number of moves left over. If you have at least 5 moves left over, the last five moves will turn various dots on the screen into bombs, causing them to blow up surrounding dots. Any move left over beyond the fifth move will simply earn you extra points and be counted down. The more moves left over, the better.

If you don’t like the starting dots that you got, then go to the menu screen and hit restart. Do this before even making one single move because if you restart without having made a move, you will not lose any lives. If you have already made one or more moves, you’ll lose a life.