Level 108 Rebalanced

When you have made it to level 108 in Two Dots then you ‘re true Dots master. The old level 108 was pretty hard where you had to drop 3 anchors in 41 moves.

The objective in version 2 of Two Dots is:

Sink 5 anchors in 23 moves

There is no fire in this level but you need to get rid of the obstacles that are blocking your dots. Try to make a long connection of dots to break as many of the blocks. You will need to have a bit of luck with this level. When you can’t break a block in the first move, restart the game.

The new board of level 108:

twodots level 108 rebalanced

twodots level 108 rebalanced


  1. Don’t understand breaking ice, I have cleared 3 of the color but nothing

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