Level 109

Level 109 might seem to be hard level to beat when you need almost 4,9 dot per move. So what is our objective in level 109?

clear 101 red, 101 yellow and 101 green in 61 moves

In level 109 it is impossible to make a regular square like you used to. This thime you need the longest chain if possible. Sometimes you make a ‘square’ when you connect 8 dots round an obstacle.

When you close the sqaure you will get rid of all the colors of that square.


  1. Jeanne rich says:

    This level is impossible, I’m not even getting close on any of the colors, even if I’m lucky enough to make a few squares!!

    About to give up!!

  2. Level 109 is a perfect example of how the importance of skill decreases, and need for luck increases, as the levels rise. I think that is the one major failing of Two Dots – it’s a great game, but skill should count for more as you rise through levels, not less.

    • I agree with you completely about being luck and not skill. I have been on level 109 for literally weeks. I even uninstalled it and installed it again a week later, having to start from the beginning again. That’s ok because I enjoy the game. I’m frustrated because it is luck and I want to go beyond 109 and be challenged with other levels. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME GET THROUGH 109!

      • I’ve been stuck on this level for 4 weeks. I’ve made it a few times where I cleared two colors with 5 moves left, but the game just doesn’t GIVE me the right dots to finish it. It’s frustrating because your succes is in the hands of the (imo very biased) game mechanics. I think they made this lvl so hard so you will eventually buy the in game accessories like the 5 extra moves and what not. I hate this and for this reason I have recently uninstalled the game. Goodbye Twodots, you were fun until you weer commercialised.

        • Terrence says:

          I have wondered about this as well. I refuse to ever buy anything in a game that is supposed to be free.

      • Laurie,
        If you sync the game with Facebook it will save your score & level you’re on, so if you reinstall, you go right back to level 119 (or whatever level you were on). I did this, but has to start at level 1 for a few games, then it jumped right back up to level 94.

  3. Vanessa Parkinson says:

    I have given up on a game I was really impressed by until Level 109. Sad.

  4. I’m stuck on level 109 as well, I spend a large amount of my moves trying to make the 9 dot square, so I end up running out of moves with only around 70 of each color of dot. I even use supply crates earned from daily quests, yet I still get the same results. Hopefully I’ll get past it soon, I liked this game…

  5. I’m about to uninstall the game couse of this level.. all the same as users above me . sad.

  6. Same as above. Levels based almost exclusively on luck are game killers. I’ve been stuck since November 2014. I’ve stopped playing, goodbye Two Dots.

  7. I’ve been stuck on 109 since before Christmas 2014. I quit playing for a long time but didn’t have the heart to give up and delete the game because I LOVED it up to 109. There seems to be NO WAY to get past it though. Bummer.

  8. readermc says:

    My level 109 is 112 each for red, beige, green and 12 ice. Two dots company says that levels have been updated and I’m looking at videos from the old version. Anyone have what I have as of July 23 2015?

  9. I have the version above with ice but no ice on board. I cleared the colors but ice never shows up.

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