Level 135

Congratulations! You have made it to Two Dots level 135, a great achievement! So how do we beat this level so we can continue this game? Let’s see whar our mission is for this level.

Sink 9 anchors and break 5 blocks in 30 moves

This actually very hard to accomplish as it means you need to get each move a goal.


  • Clear out the blockers from the middle and right columns. You need more space to move, and you must destroy all the blockers to get rid of anchors.
  • The quickest way to destroy the blockers is to make squares. You might not be able to make any right away, but look for them in the left column to get started. Break through a few squares in the middle column and you’ll be on your way.
  • Look for dots of the same color that are separated by a block of other dots. If you can remove a bunch of dots at once, you might wind up with a square after they’re gone. Bonus points (figuratively) if you can make a square while removing a blocker.
  • Once the anchors and blockers are gone, you can focus on the ice blocks. By this point, making squares–even on this segmented Two Dots level 135 board–shouldn’t be hard. Make squares one after another to destroy the ice from anywhere on the board and drop anchors at the same time. You can do it!

Screenshot level 135

two dots level 135


Video walkthrough level 135


  1. I got 3 stars on level 135 … can’t figure out how to move to next level. Call me stupid.

  2. Do android users have access only until level 135? It’s showing as my last level 🙁

  3. Is the last level? It won’t go anywhere else?

  4. I get three stars every time, clear it out with all squares, yet the game will never give me more than 5 anchors. Seriously, I sink the first 4, sometimes get a fifth (sometimes get no more anchors at all), then just clear squares until out of moves without seeing another anchor. It feels rigged.

  5. Betty Lord says:

    I have beat level 135, but there is no level 136. I that the end of the game?

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