Level 72 Rebalanced

I have heard that the new level 72 is even harder to bean then it used to be. What is your goal for the new level 72?

Drop 7 anchors in 25 moves

Sinking 7 anchors in only 25 moves means that you have to sink an anchor every 3 moves. The rapidly spreading fire can be a real pain in the ass. Thats why I recommend on extinguishing the fire as fast as possible. When you have cleared all the fire dots you can sink 2 anchors in 1 move.

Remember, the anchors will go through the obstacle (in contrary of the colored dots).

When you can’t start with a square to kill a few fire dots, restart the game. You need to extinguish at least 3 dots in the first 2 moves.

This will give you some space on the moves to continue.

Good luck!

two dots level 72 version 2

two dots level 72 version 2

Please let me know of these tips helped you beat this level.


  1. As far as I know, there’s no way to restart the game without losing a life, correct?

  2. Joanne greenbaum says:

    This level is impossible. I may just get rid of the game. Annoying.

  3. Jo Parker says:

    It’s so hard, I missed the old level 72 by one move, but this looks impossible! No fun

  4. I can’t do this level! Have followed all the tips and walk through guides……..help

  5. This level is too hard. The fire advances too fast.

  6. Game was fun until I reached level 72! Now, I guess I’m done with it. Time to find a new game.

  7. Leanora Rosier says:

    Level 72 is the pits. It is impossible to clear. When a game is no fun there is no point in playing. You people need to fix this so people can play and have fun.

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