Level 82 Rebalanced

Level 82 is a really hard level to completen and a lot of people given up after try 50+. Since the game designers have made a new level for 82 lots of people complain about the difficulty.

The objectives in this level is to break 12 ice blocks in 45 moves

level 82 two dots rebalanced

  • Work both the top and bottom of the board.  If you leave the bottom of the board for too long, the fire will rapidly overtake a majority of the dots.
  • Keep in mind that the fire will spread very fast as you have 2! fireplace.
  • When the board is cleared of fire, you will be able to create more squares. Since there are ice blocks in this level, having fewer colors on the board will help you break the ice more quickly.
  • Remember, if you do not clear the fire, it will continue to spread and take over the dots on the board. With fewer dots to work with, you will have less of a chance to create squares.

Video walkthrough level 82 two dots



  1. This doesn’t actually help at all – if, as you suggest, a player gets to this level, and has played it 50+ times, they already *know* these things. What comes to light is that this is a particularly badly designed level, which drive many capable players to drop the game…

    • I agree. This is impossible to beat. I have been working on this level for over a week and am about ready to quit this game. I like it but this level will kill it for me.

    • Two Dots Lover says:

      Agreed. I’m still stuck. Power-ups don’t help. At the end of the level, 5 moves and an ICE PICK are offered. However, what is really needed is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. That would help SO MUCH. I am at my wits’ end. This has truly become mission impossible for me.

    • I’m gonna scccreammm! There has to be a flaw in level 82….im ready to throw my cell in some water to put those damn fires out!

  2. Two Dots Lover says:

    I still can’t get through level 82. Nothing is happening. Been STUCK LIKE CHUCK for about 2-1/2 weeks.

  3. Can't-do-82 says:

    82 is killing me. Since there’s no way to beat it, gonna have to find something else to play! Fun while it lasted.

  4. Robs got bored says:

    I agree with everyone, I played today and even got a freeze the fire power up but when the fire was unfrozen it still spread as quickly as before, the highest I have got is 9/12

  5. Loved this game until I got to this level. I must be stupid. The video demo shows lots of advantages that I never see.

  6. Ruined the game says:

    Thx for ruining this game. Won’t me recommending it to anyone since you can’t get pass this level .

  7. fun while it lasted but stuck at level 82 since four weeks now – so bye
    was a nice game though ..

  8. My level 82 seems to different from anything I am reading. I have 28 moves to remove 23 ice breakers. II have been on this level for 3 weeks. No fun at this point. Does anyone else have the same numbers? If not, what should I do?

  9. I agree, this level is impossible…this video is not what my game looks like in the beginning. I’ll probably stop playing soon

  10. Ughtwodots says:

    This didn’t help at all. The current level 82 says 23 ice blocks in 28 moves. Seems like they made it harder. What the hell? Anyone have any thoughts?

    • I have the same number of moves, but I don’t think any more would help, since the fire takes over so quickly.

      I too think that I am unfortunately done with this game. Too bad. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Mine is also the updated level 82 with 23 ice blocks and 28 moves. This was very very hard but just keep on trying. I used all of my powerups for about a week, everyday but I ended up winning the level without a powerup. My technique was to get all the fireballs out. So start at the bottom and just keep on going. There are two matching dots at the bottom to begin with so if you keep on trying,don’t stop, and use common (very important) you will win. Just keep trying and tbh no powerup help as much excet the fire extinguisher.

  12. This level is truly impossible. I know that your goal is to make us spend real money to support the game. I also know that you don’t really care if those of us who won’t spend the money quit the game. Unfortunately you need to review your tactics, some of my friends do spend money on games, but they don’t like games that have “you can ONLY win if you spend money”. So I’ll tell them not to waste their time with this game.. been on this level for way too long and I’m just going to quit now. Too bad, was fun while it lasted, and I was going to recommend it to my friends. Duh

  13. I used to think some stages were impossible to pass. Now I’m on level 229. I’ve never purchased anything.

  14. I actually got through this level with a bomb power up.

  15. Brenda says:

    The video account is deleted. If anyone has any idea how to do this or knows where to go to get GOOD tips for this game, post it for the rest of us please! Thanks Carey! Will try a bomb! I too love this game!

  16. Brenda says:

    05/05/15 – I just started this level tonight and got through it. It takes patience and thought, just like the other levels. Don’t let the fire scare you! Strategize to make squares and bombs as in any other levels played before this level. Work in the middle of the board and look where squares can be formed. The rest is up to you!

  17. I have determined that the computer looks for the best way to screw up any strategy you might have and changes any drop down that might be advantageous. What should be random advancements of the fire turn out to be the most vicious and thwart any chance one has to clear the board until there are no possible matches to be made and one is left with only 5 colored dots to try to clear the entire board of fire. Oh, and the “escape to map” feature that is mentioned in order to get a better starting board doesn’t work. It does cost you a life. You can’t work in the middle of the board, it has a channel that prevents matching…. I have used several boosts, and have seen no advantage presented by starting with one. I will continue to fight this level, and will post an update if I ever conquer it.

    • After 2 days of repeatedly playing this level, I finally beat it. I didn’t not use a boost, but the board started perfectly set up to start off making 2 squares. On previous attempts, I had been able to completely extinguish the fire, but ran out of moves before I could break a final block of ice. The drops on this attempt were in my favor, and I was able to make several squares to break more than 1 block of ice at a time, which is the only reason I was able to beat the level.

    • ‘Escape to map’ does work, but only when you came from the map. It won’t work if you tap the ‘try again’ button.

  18. Fire on #82 only spreads when you move, so no need to rush. But boosts don’t help much. My problem is I can’t build squares – never get the drops I need. This level will simply require extraordinary luck. Been 2 weeks… maybe I’m not lucky.

  19. I’ve been in level 82 for so long I’ve totally lost interest in the game now… Sad

  20. Romain Godereaux says:

    This level is driving me crazy, i think i ll drop the game, thats a pity because two dots is a great game.

  21. This level only has 28 moves now.

  22. Finally got through this level based on advice on this page. Key for me was the point that you don’t have to rush- the flames only move by one after you move. And that you only extinguish them with a line that touches them. So keep squashing them at the bottom until you get an opportunity to make a square anywhere, and then you’re off and running!

  23. They’ve made the level even harder. 28 moves for 23 blocks and it always starts with straight lines of different colors, so there’s no chance of random squares or even squares in two moves, which is how people have seemed to beat it in the past. Glad I decided to google it so I can give up on it.

  24. Deleting this game. Will not pay to play a game. am going to give it 1* and slam it on the app.

  25. I have solved level 82 several times but it just freezes up and never proceeds the next level. Has anyone had this happen? how do I fix it?

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