Level 82

Stuck at level 82 and need some help? What is our goal for level 82 in Two Dots?

break 12 blocks of ice in 47 moves

These tips apply to the old version of level 82. You can find the rebalanced version of level 82 here.

  • Work both the top and bottom of the board.  If you leave the bottom of the board for too long, the fire will rapidly overtake a majority of the dots.
  • Look to make connections on the right side of the board first.  Since there is fire in the right three columns, you want to clear that as quickly as possible.
  • Remember, if you do not clear the fire, it will continue to spread and take over the dots on the board. With fewer dots to work with, you will have less of a chance to create squares.  Also, you will need to clear the fire on the right side of the board to get to the ice blocks.
  • Once you clear the top half of the board from the fire, go to the bottom of the board and start clearing the fire off of the bottom
  • When the board is cleared of fire, you will be able to create more squares. Since there are ice blocks in this level, having fewer colors on the board will help you break the ice more quickly.
  • Breaking the ice blocks may take some time so be patient and do not be tempted to do it too fast.  The board is open, making it easy to overlook a great opportunity to either break and ice block or create a square.
  • Continue to scan both the top half and bottom half of the board during this level.  Once you have cleared the fire from the board, focus on creating squares and breaking the ice.


  1. Level 82 is too hard. Once the fire takes over the bottom half, there is no way to fix it. I have been working on this level for so long, that I will likely delete the game soon. It’s not fun if it’s impossible.

    • Level 82 is indeed a hard level. Keep a few days off and try it again. You will succeed!

      • I have indeed waited several days in between multiple attempts. I’ve watched videos of people beating the level and the fire seems to spread faster for me than on those videos. There’s no fun in playing a game that continually frustrates you and makes you upset.

        • Oh and my level 82 doesn’t just have flames on the right side of the board. I have a bar in the middle of the screen and flames on the bottom all the way across. There must be two versions on level 82 and I got the crap version.

        • Leslie, I am with you – just about to quit playing because of this level 82. I have the bar down the middle, too – not splitting top to bottom, which is what the “helps” show. Think we both have the crap version. If you find any way to change it to the other, or any other good HELP info, please send it my way. Thanks.

    • I’ve been able to extinguish the flames twice and still couldn’t break all the ice in 28 moves. My two boosts were random and not helpful and now I have to go back to earlier rounds to earn more boosts and hopefully get a useful one. We should be able to pick the boost in tj future.

  2. Hard is not the word for it. If the game does not deliver any dots of functional color than it is impossible and nothing than a giant tease… I have played this level at least thirty times now and there appears to be no way to adhere to both suggestions at the same time.

  3. I’ve been on this level for months trying to beat it. It’s pure luck to get a square formation. When I do get squares I have too few moves left.

    The fire will automatically go after my possible moves thus preventing me from clearing it. Levels should not be this difficult to beat.

  4. Joanne greenbaum says:

    Impossible level. Even working the suggestions over and over again still cant be done the fire takes over too fast to even clear the bottom half or right side. . Frustrating. Making me want to delete the whole game.

    • It’s a hard level indeed but remember theres no time limit. Pick your moves carefully and try to think 3 steps ahead.

      Keep up the good work, you can do it!

  5. Level 82 is impossible. 2 weeks of wasted time. Guess I’m done with TWO DOTS.

  6. The fire overtakes the bottom so quickly I can’t get through this level. I will also delete the game .. No fun being this frustrated over a game. Poor planning on game makers part..too bad.. It was fun up until this level 82.

  7. I seem to have a different level 82 to everyone else. Trying to sink 4 anchors with flames all over the place and every time I drop dots flames burn just as many dots in return. Been at it for days! Getting bored of “just hanging in”. I want the level to be over so that I can get away from dealing flames – they ruin the game for me. May just scroll back down to level 1 and work my way up to the flame levels again and then repeat until I get bored and delete the game…

  8. Hate. This. Level.

    So hard!! I’ve been trying for months! I’m so frustrated that I’m done with it! Was fun & challenging up until this point! You can’t take you’re time at this because fire impossible to overcome!

  9. So frustrating! Can not get pass level 82! I’ve wasted too much time! Impossible 🙁 deleting app!

  10. Too hard. No fun. I’ve tried 40+ times. Even if I set up squares, one dot will burn before I can do it. Will delete until an upgrade comes out.

    • Well that’s crazy – I did it right after posting my complaint! One thing I did was work completely from the bottom.

  11. Hate level 82!!! Don’t even want to play anymore.

  12. I totally agree with Suzy and others above… it’s impossible to get through this with the fire reappearing as soon as some is doused elsewhere… Very frustrating and indeed putting me off continuing with the game which so far has been really enjoyable.

  13. Alrighty – so I was right there with you about level 82!! I had 5 lives and then was going to delete the game because I’ve been stuck here for so long. BUT – start on the bottom right until you get a square, and then work the bottom left for a square and then it literally rains squares on you. Got 690 points and had 12 moves left. I swear this strategy works! I played 82 a few times after finally getting through it and it has worked every time.

  14. my level 82 has 12 blocks of ice in 45 moves and is impossible. I have tried maybe 50 times and spent money on in-app purchases to get past, but the fire is too quick. Someone said work from the bottom, but there is no bottom? Someone else says it’s not timed so take your time? Are we talking about the same level? If you take your time all the dots are consumed by fire. This has become so frustrating I’m deleting this game.

  15. I’m afraid I will have to join the masses and delete this game. Level 82 (Second version) is ridiculous. The fire consumes the dots at a rate that makes the game play impossible enough. Can it be beat? Apparently some are succeeding-in my opinion by sheer luck but I have yet to beat it after trying dozens and dozens of times. You have missed the mark when it comes to the delicate balance of keeping people challenged without chasing them away. Administrators, please stop insulting us with your “keep trying” replies – as if we have some strange obligation to waste our time interacting with your crappy programming oversights. Wake the hell up.

  16. It’s way too hard

  17. I am so frustrated by level 82!!! I agree with all of the others- I am getting ready to delete this game. It seems to “know” to eat up one corner of all the squares I set up, so it should be able to give me better options during the game. I have been trying to work the right side through to the bottom, but fire consumes everything before I can even get to the bottom. So frustrating!! I am going to leave negative feedback in the App Store next if I don’t beat it this time.

  18. Level 82 is just impossible to beat. Been trying for days now non stop and can’t even get close to completing it. Think I might have to give up on this game and admit defeat. So frustrating as it’s a really cool game. .

  19. Can’t believe it……

    I have just posted on here that this level is impossible to do, and then low and behold I done it on my very next go. Follow the tips on here and just concentrate on getting rid of the fire first, then you’ll easily make squares to break all the ice.

    Take your time to make sure you make the right move each time. .

  20. No way can you pass this level! The fires are about 3 rows deep at the bottom so they immediately eat up the dots. There is no taking your time to plan any move in the least, the fire takes over completely. Very unhappy. I bet I’ve played 50 + times easily.

  21. Brent Pesola says:

    Level 82 is a scam. Don’t believe the fake posts that they beat it. It’s scientifically impossible. The makers think by 82 we’ll be duped into buying more lives and more crates. I was fine spending over $20 getting to 82, but they are simply counting on thousands of people buying until eventually people get it and delete the game like I did. Meanwhile, they take the money and run. I’m sure this post won’t last long, so if you read this SPREAD THE WORD. Two Dots is a scam to get you to Level 82 and then buy until you finally give up. DELETE IT NOW AND TELL OTHERS.

    • I didn’t have to pay anything to get to level 82 but this level is awful and all the advise about ‘taking your time’ is ridiculous because there simply is no time. The flames in all of the walkthroughs go much slower than in the actual level – getting through this will just be a simple matter of luck! I even played a challenge to win a crate (which they said would contain a douser for all the flames) – when I won the crate all it contained was a couple of bombs which didn’t help me one bit – so I just wasted a life for a lame crate! 🙁

  22. I beat the level after 4 trys. HOW? Used BOMBS. Cant tell you which bomb it was but it initially started the cracks in all of the cubes and changed the dot colors to give me an initial square. The game kept feeding me squares. After ~ 15 moves all the flames were out. From there it was simple to beat the level.

  23. I QUIT! When it’s too hard – it’s time to quit and delete! No more wasting time. Is that what you want TWO DOTS? You won! Bye!

  24. This is crazy. I was having fun beating my friend on every level and now I can’t get past this one. So I’m out! I guess she wins it all, I will be deleting this for sure and find a game less frustrating. There is no way out of this one!

  25. Zoe Cooke says:

    Definitely finding it impossible. I don’t even know how you can start at the bottom… for every one fire I douse another 2/3 appear. It’s infuriating and it’s making me want to throw my laptop across the room.

  26. It was indeed difficult, but I eventually beat it with no purchased anything, so I don’t really think there is an “82 conspiracy” 😀 At first I was worrying too much about flames. What helped was just completely concentrating on making squares on either side as quickly as possible. After a few squares enough dots are dropping to help keep the flames down.
    Good luck!

    • It can be done. 23 in 28 moves. After seeing that it is impossible I read this post and this gave me determination. So if you try long enough we will eventualy get lucky and get a lot of squares. Imagine that I won with 8 moves left. So it is possible and after reading this posts is easier.

  27. Arrrrggh! I can’t do it! Which I’m only saying because now I hope this is the magic touch that will make it possible.

  28. I used a crate on this one – that’s what you earn them for (to use). It gave me the
    “paint the whole board one color” power-up, which let me stopm a lot of flames in one go, plus gave me a few bombs to help out. With that as a start, it’s easier to make squares and snuff all the flames quickly, and then work on braking the ice (more squares.)

    Yes, this one is hard without the powerup – but part of the strategy of the game is to decide when to use them…This is one of those levels where using crates makes sense.

    • Unfortunately the power ups you get are random. If you’re lucky to get the “paint the board one color” you’ll beat this game. I used two bomb power ups and it did nothing.

  29. Also stuck on 82. I have tried power-ups, being patient, being strategic – nothing. I don’t know how they beat it on the walkthrough. Perhaps just got lucky that one time and filmed it? LOL

  30. Level 82 is impossible. If I don’t get past this in another two days, I’m deleting the game. That’s a shame because I liked it so much. This level should be changed by the game designers.

  31. Level 82 is impossible, with or without crates. Just deleted the game. Too bad, as it was fun up until this point.

  32. Why does my level 82 have the requirement in 28 moves for 23 ice breakers? Impossible!

    • Mine too! It is seriously impossible to do 23 in 28 moves when the fire comes so fast. Have tried a thousand times, and I never even manage to make any squares before the fire comes. Im quitting this game.

      • MsYvone says:

        I also only have 28 moves on my level 82! What gives? There’s no way to beat this one. I’m wasting too much time on this game.

  33. Richard says:

    After 50+ attempts at level 82, have deleted the game. Have to give the developers a huge Fail for designing such a crap game. Without a massive dose of sheer luck, the level is impossible. It’s sole purpose is to hoover money out of your pocket in a futile attempt to get past this level, none of which worked. Gamers beware, this is a scam game. I’ve played and beat 1000s of games since the 1980s. I know when I being screwed.

  34. I had made it all the way to level 136 and when I uploaded a new version it deleted it and I lost all my levels. I had to start from beginning to and I’m now stuck at 82. No matter what I do I cannot get past this level. There are two things going on what is fire and want to something else and I’m not quite sure how either of them works. If I do something on the right to help extinguish the fire I get fire on the left

  35. Finally got off level 82 – I almost gave up, then searched for walkthru, got this advice:
    “..the fire only lights when you make a move. If you don’t do anything, the fire doesn’t spread.”
    lo and behold, I finally managed to put out the fires and made squares. Read in Times Magazine about TwoDots, they hired psychologists to help developing the game. So in theory, people got stuck in 82 b/c, in my own experience, we got scared w/ the fire and thus try to swipe all the dots quickly. I’m no genius, got to find this clue online, but this make sense. The faster you swipe, the faster the fire consume you. Since the fire only lights when I move, I take my time to swipe dots, try to put out the fire on the bottom right ’til some squares got made. After 5 tries, got away w/ a score 600 or so.

    btw, I never buy power-ups.. just wait 20mins ’til life comes back again 🙂

  36. Cindi Frediani says:

    It’s just a game…embrase the challenge. It can be done.

  37. Level 82 hates me. Fact.

  38. i liked this game until level 82. not giving them my money. deleting this game. not fun.

  39. I beat it! The trick is NOT to panic. The fire only spread after you make a move so slow down and think about your moves. I figured that out after being stuck for three days on 82, I just got 3 stars.
    It’s actually not that hard if you just go slow and think about your moves. Remember the fire only spreads after you make each move!

  40. What gets me is after so many people have voiced frustration, no changes have been make. Instead people seem to be deleting the game in droves.
    I’m not saying it has to be easy, but doable is something that retains loyalty and starts. Guess they feel above needing these.

    • I just did it after reading this thread! The key is that the fire doesn’t spread until after each move. I was going so fast I thought the fire just kept spreading but it really doesn’t! I did it with 9 moves left after trying over and over again and thinking it was impossible!

  41. I’ve been reading this post this morning as I was getting very frustrated with level 82 as well. 20 something moves?! I was so going to quit. Not kidding I just passed it with 3 stars. Key is a good set up and making squares – didn’t use any power ups. At the start of the game I also click one of my power ups but dont use it to “pause” the game and look over the set up. Hope this helps.

  42. I succed this level after a few days of trying … I’m stuck on level 85 now. But the biggest problem is that my eyes are burning … The worst selection of colors ever, it’s a nightmare, or as if you were looking directly at the sun …

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